About us

waterbirthLocated near Rolla, Missouri, Olive Tree Midwifery and Women’s Wellness provides quality, evidence-based, compassionate care to women and their babies during the childbearing year.

What does midwifery care with Olive Tree look like?

Ideally prenatal care should begin between 6-10 weeks of pregnancy. We work together as a team to prepare for a healthy pregnancy and birth. Your midwife will teach healthy physiology of pregnancy and birth, emphasizing the importance of nutrition and environmental factors – essential for keeping women low-risk. As pregnancy progresses, we monitor and evaluate the health of mother and baby. Occasionally, conditions arise that require advanced or alternative care. In these cases, we work with other providers to ensure that mothers and babies get the care they need, which may mean closer monitoring, specialized treatment, and occasionally hospital birth. Although, the majority of women seeking a home birth are able to safely deliver their babies at home.

We believe that women are amazingly designed to give birth, and have not found it necessary to interrupt the process with routine procedures or interventions. Parents and support persons are encouraged to be actively involved throughout labor and birth. We respect your preferences in the care of your new baby, and are supportive of family bonding and breastfeeding.

Your midwife will continue to follow you and baby through the critical postpartum period, ensuring optimal transition and recovery.

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